SoloCigars Habanos Wholesale Program

Wholesale Plan

Our company is offering a wholesale program that you can avail of especially if you have plans of acquiring a large number of tobacco products which you need for your own business or for your own personal use. As one of our wholesale partners, we do not require you to have a minimum number of "vitola" which is used as the measurement unit of cigars. You only need to have a minimum order amount of products that are worth a total of US 10,000 dollars and you are good already.


Your orders are processed and delivered as soon as we receive your payment using bank wire transfer which is a reasonable form of payment method for this wholesale program. As part of the delivery process, you will take note of the shipping costs that will be based on the dimensions and weight of your package orders. The shipping costs will also be referred based on the existing rates in the postal service. A bi-weekly basis of delivery is also an exclusive part of our wholesale program. We guarantee that you will receive genuine products which are part of the reasons why we have lasted in this kind of wholesale partnership programs.


Also, your trust will be guaranteed by a tracking number that we will provide using the Priority Airmail shipping method so that you can monitor the delivery of your package orders. You may contact our team in the Wholesale and Retail department if you have any inquiries regarding this program.