Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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  1. Ramon Allones Gigantes
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Ramon Allones is a world-renowned Cuban cigar company founded in Cuba by Ramon and Antonio Allones in 1845. What makes Ramon Allones stand out from many other cigar brands is that they were among the first to begin using illustrations on their box art. Going through various ownership changes over the years, the brand was eventually taken over by the Cifuentes family. Production was then moved over to the famous Partagas factory, where it remains to this day.

Ramon Allones cigars are known for their smooth and complex taste, packed with tobacco sourced from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. One of their most popular and unbeatable productions is the Ramon Allones Gigantes. This is a classic double corona with a maduro that has been aged for over two years, allowing the rich flavors to blend and bring out its unique character. Right from the cold draw, the Gigantes’ raw, nutty and musky tastes emanate from the cap and only intensify through the slow, even burn with hints of sweetness.

Ramon Allones is one of the oldest cigar brands around, and thanks to the innovation and ingenuity that they put into every cigar, they will remain one of the biggest names in Habanos.