Created in Vuelta Abajo, the Vegueros cigar is a celebration of tobacco workers who hail from the Pinar del Rio province. The elegant Vegueros is an old-world classic for the modern smoke enthusiast. Made with some of the finest tobacco in the world, the Vegueros is a must-have for any cigar smoker.

Although Vegueros is a post-revolution Habanos S.A. brand, it draws on the rich, centuries-old culture of Cuba’s most prolific tobacco-growing region and the complex history of its factory to create a lineup of sticks full of complexity and mystery. 

Vegueros are long filler cigars handcrafted in the Francisco Donatien factory, established in an old hospital building built in 1868. These cigars are smooth and rich, elegant and affordable. This modern era cigar is a balanced experience, making it a popular choice for cigar enthusiasts everywhere.

The Vegueros is available in a selection of popular sizes to accommodate everyday and occasional smokers. A medium-bodied smoke, the Vegueros explores a rich tasting experience with earth, pepper, nut, and spice flavors. Suggestive hints of cream and lime inject an exciting complexity into these welcoming Cuban cigars.

Blending history and exceptional taste, Vegueros cigars offer an invigorating new choice to expert smokers and casual enthusiasts alike. Vegueros cigars are the perfect afternoon or evening smoke and pair beautifully with beverages such as coffee, rum, tequila, and whisky. Every puff of these elegant cigars highlights the effort and pride of the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.