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Vega Fina
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The VegaFina cigar is named for the lush landscape that grows the brand’s premium tobacco. Vegas Finas means “fine plains,” and this range of cigars owes their high quality and consistency to the lands of the Dominican Republic. Soil composition, sunshine, and a moist climate combine to produce some of the most exclusive tobacco leaves available.

The VegaFina is a simple, elegant smoke with a consistent taste and feel. These excellent cigars are created in the Tabacalera de Garcia factory using a meticulous process where only the best tobaccos are chosen and blended. The VegaFina is rolled using century-old traditions passed down generationally by master artisans. Rolled in a luxurious Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, these cigars exemplify the idea that sometimes, less truly is more.

Exuding a minimalist approach, the VegaFina is rolled using aged long-leaf tobacco in a range of blends to accommodate a variety of smoke palettes. This mellow and medium-bodied smoke is an enjoyable experience for both the experienced and the novice enthusiast. 

With a flavor profile that hints at green tea, red pepper, and fresh sourdough bread, the VegaFina cigar offers a smooth smoking experience. Subtle but definite, this is one of the more flavorful cigars available.

Originating in the Dominican Republic, the modern VegaFina combines the finest Dominican, Honduran, and Colombian tobaccos to create a simple but elegant cigar. VegaFina has become one of the most renowned cigars available without needing flourish or frills. It’s a delightful, confident smoke for the modern cigar connoisseur.