Quintero y Hermano cigars are the ideal Cuban cigar for daily smokers who want to find the balance between value for money and quality of smoke. The rich smoke carries a deep nutty aroma to create a relaxed and sophisticated smoking experience. This smooth mixture of taste, body, and value makes Quintero cigars a classy choice for the everyday cigar enthusiast.

Located on the south coast of Cuba, Quintero y Hermano is one of only a few Cuban brands established outside of Havana. First rolled in 1924 by August Quintero and his brothers in Cienfuegos, this cigar style became popular locally for its high-quality tobacco. 

Quintero y Hermano cigars are hand-rolled sticks using short filler tobacco from Vuelta Arriba in the Remedios region, and more recently, tobacco from Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta in the Pinar del Río region. The short filler is bunched inside a full-length binder with a hand-applied wrapper, providing optimal airflow for an even burn.  

Artisans use Tripa Corta tobacco to create these medium to full-bodied, affordable cigars. The Quintero has a balanced and rich flavor profile, incorporating tastes such as spice, leather, and nut cream flavors tied together by an earthy base note. The characteristic Quintero cigar is ideal for casual smoking and moments when a more sophisticated touch is needed.

Quintero y Hermano cigars offer an authentic Cuban experience without the usual high price tag. The rich mixture of tobacco with premium wrapper leaves creates a cigar adored by smoke enthusiasts in Cienfuegos, Havana, and worldwide.