Jose Piedra


The Piedra family came from the Spanish province of Asturias in the 1880s and settled in the Cuban region of Remedios in the Vuelta Arriba region, where tobacco has been grown since the 16th century. It was here that the Piedra family began producing handmade cigars for generations. Among the second generation of the family was Jose Lamadrid Piedra, the founder of the famous brand.

Jose Piedra is especially known for being one of the few cigar brands left that produce handmade short fillers - cigars made from chopped pieces of tobacco that burn quickly and more intensely than other cigars.

Jose Piedra is known for creating hearty and affordable cigars with traditional Cuban flavors of cedar, wood, and roast coffee in seven different sizes. One of their most well-known cigars is the Jose. L Cazadores. It has an especially smooth flavor and is ideal for a short break or with a coffee in the morning. It is constructed with mellow grassy tastes of hay, earth, and wood. Throughout the second third, you experience more bitter notes of chocolate and coffee.

With one of the longest cigar brand histories, Jose Piedra remains a world-renowned brand known for producing medium-strong cigars with spicy flavors.