Don Francisco E founded this cigar industry giant Fonseca in 1892 when he established a factory in Havana, Cuba. Then Fonseca immigrated to New York, where he set up a factory by 1903 and registered the Fonseca cigar brand with his name in 1907. Today, Fonseca sources its tobacco from the renowned Vuelta Abajo growing region of Cuba.

Over the years, Fonseca has become famous for its mild yet complex flavors. It is the perfect choice for the beginner smoker, but an aficionado can also appreciate its perfect blend of sweet aromas and earthy notes.

Fonseca has numerous cigars in its range, but among the most well-known is the Fonseca Cosacos. Its plumes of mellow smoke are full of flavors such as cedar, hay, and grass until the cigar drifts into a sweeter side of tea, vanilla, cream, and cinnamon.

But the feature that makes Fonseca cigars stand out from other Habanos on the market is the method that Don Francisco E. Fonseca developed packaging for his cigars. Every Fonseca cigar comes wrapped in a thin layer of Japanese silk paper. This protects the cigar from atmospheric changes to preserve their classic Fonseca flavor and aroma.