The Camacho range of cigars is steeped in history. Made using the infamous Cuban Corojo seed, Camacho cigars lead the industry in both premium and affordable markets. Camacho sticks are made using traditional and modern techniques, such as the mysterious powerband bunching technique, which only a handful of master artisans know.

Founded in Cuba in 1941 by namesake Simon Camacho, the Camacho brand is a rebellious, unconventional cigar that caters to cigar smokers who wish to “live loud,” following the brand’s classic motto.

Camacho was exiled from Cuba in 1961. However, taking the precious Corojo seed with him, Camacho set up his new factory in Florida and began making high-quality cigars using Corojo and imported tobaccos.

The Camacho Original Corojo is a classic cigar for everyday bold smokes. Made with a 100% pure blend of Honduran Corojo from Valle de Jamastrán, this staple Camacho is a full-bodied smoke with a bold character. The cigar is wrapped using a high-grade, fifth priming tobacco wrapper that provides an intense smoking experience. Aromas include hints of paprika and bell peppers with a more earthy and spicy core. 

Camacho cigars come in a range from everyday smokes for casual enjoyment to masterclass cigars that highlight the craftsmanship and unique blends of tobacco Camacho has achieved.

The Camacho cigar is a historical classic beloved by sophisticated enthusiasts worldwide. With a traditional approach and tried and tested method, the Camacho is a foundational cigar that has withstood the test of time.