The molds from the cigars

Luis Huertas July 29, 2014
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The molds are the worst enemies of our houses. They attack our clothes, foods and now, they are even attacking our cigars. These creatures are the aficionados’ worst nightmares. Of course, we are giving our best and we appeal at different solutions in order to get rid of these issues. However, they are quite annoying as they usually return with new and stronger forces, so all the efforts were in vain. In this article we will discuss about how to locate and how to fight against the molds.
There are different kinds of molds: the good ones and the bad ones. Let’s start with the good ones. If you ever notice on your cigar something that looks like a mold you should know that it is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a good mold, also known as bloom or plume.
The bloom usually appears when the cigars from your humidor are going through the process of aging. On the surface of the cigar you will notice something similar with a spider web, extremely tiny that can be easily removed by wiping the cigar. Sometimes, it can be identified by checking the wrapper. On its surface should be some green patches. They usually appear because the cigars were not stored properly in the humidor. Unlike the bloom situation, the green patches cannot be wiped from the cigars, but fortunately this is not a reason to concern about as the cigars will not be damaged.
However, when we are talking about the real molds, our enemies, the things change. The bad mold from the cigars can appear under diverse colors as green, white, blue, sometimes even yellow. The bad mold grows faster than the plume and it is characterized by hairiness. This mold can be wiped from the cigars, but it will leave traces.
Well, the question is why the molds appear on the cigars? After all, we have a humidor, we are trying to maintain the perfect humidity and temperature in it, and we check the cigars as often as possible. So, still, why? Well, it is because we don’t maintain a proper humidity in our humidors. To control the level of humidity from the humidor is crucial if you don’t want to get molds on your cigars. Above 80% level of humidity the molds will definitely appear. It is like heaven for them, so never let this thing happen.
However, if you have not controlled properly the moisture level from your humidor and your stogies were attacked by these molds you must take fast action against them. In the first place, take out from the humidor all the stogies. Check them all and if you find damaged cigars put them aside. Once you finish this process you will know how many cigars were damaged. The good ones must be putted in other clean humidors, while the others must be cleaned. The cleaning should be done with a clean and dried cloth. Clean them once and after that put on a new cloth some alcohol and clean them once again.

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Luis Huertas July 29, 2014

Luis Huertas

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