About Me

Hi there, thanks for reading my blog. I am Luis and as a native of Panama, I pretty much grew up surrounded by cigars. My father, my grandfather my uncles – and even my aunts, though mostly when their husbands weren’t looking – smoked Panama cigars. So how did I acquire a taste for Cuban cigars?

I owe that to my Uncle after whom I am named. Uncle Luis was a great traveler and when he returned from his trips he always brought presents. When we were little it would be a special kind of chocolate we had never seen before but one year, when I was around 18 Uncle Luis presented me with a box of beautifully wrapped Cuban cigars.

To be honest I had never been a big fan of cigars. Like most people my age, I preferred to smoke cigarillos. But I would enjoy one of Uncle Luis Cuban cigars on special occasion and as I grew older I acquired a taste and Cuban cigars soon became my favorite smoke.

It was sometimes difficult to find good quality but when I did I would buy lots and give them to my friends as presents. Of course, they liked them and wanted to know where they could get more. Then one of my friends suggested that I should start my own blog so that I could share my passion and enthusiasm with other cigar aficionados around the world. It seemed like a crazy idea at first but then I thought why not? This also gives me plenty of excuses to research and expand my knowledge of Cuban cigars.

I enjoy writing about cigars and hope that you enjoyed reading it just as much. I also hope that I have managed to answer some of the questions you might have about choosing and smoking Cuban cigars

Best wishes,